Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A mixed bag

The underside of the Gladesville Bridge on the Drummoyne side - this large red "piece" appeared over the last week.  The number of tags at this site has been growing over the last few months (since the last repaint by the RTA) - I guess they reach a certain density where a vandal feels that they are safe to spend more time putting up a piece.

I've reported this for cleaning to the RTA via their website.

The back streets of Five Dock - the side of this house has been hit a few times, and on each occasion, the owner has done a 'quick and dirty' cleaning job on the graffiti.  Essentially, they've just smudged it.  I hope that they will apply a coat of paint over the top in the new year.

Just down the road is this Doctor's surgery, with graffiti down the side wall.  I noticed this week that they've put up a security camera, presumably in response to the recently applied orange graffiti.

I've rung this surgery and asked them to clean the wall.  The response was, "Why bother?  They just keep coming back."  Well, I rang them about six months ago, and it was only last week that the latest graffiti went up.  That means the vandals don't come back straight away - there can be large periods of time between attacks.  

I don't understand why they would go to the trouble of spending hundreds of dollars on a security camera, but won't spend $10 on some graffiti removing goo.

Signage at Five Dock Park near the skateboard ramp.  Reported via the Council web site.

The significance of this photo is that the abandoned Citreon that used to be parked here is gone.  Council has moved quickly to get rid of it.

A kiosk in Timbrell Park - reported to Council as well.  The other side has also been hit, as well as the toilet block nearby.

A maintenance job for Maritime NSW.  Somehow, this sign about legal fish catches has been turned around so that it is not visible from the boat ramp.  Not much good if you can't read the sign.

Speaking of Council acting quickly, I emailed the Mayor about graffiti on this building on Saturday.  On Sunday, I spotted it being painted over.  That's really quick work.

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thegoons said...

The damaged sign re legal fish catches may be something for DPI Fisheries rather than Maritime NSW?