Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday grubs

There is a nice picnic spot on the water at Wareemba that is a favourite hangout for those that love to eat fast food and make a mess.  Here are the results from Friday night.  By counting chip packets, burger boxes and drinks, I'd say it consisted of 3-4 people.

Since the rubbish left on the ground included two packets of sparklers, we can also assume that it was a birthday party for a kid.  What a great example to set for the next generation.

Only two packets of cigarettes discarded this time around.

This photo shows the distance to the closest bin.  It is 1.3km to McDonalds, and 6 metres to the bin.  Whoever left this mess behind was able to make the 2.6km round trip to McDonalds, but was unable to be bothered to travel a final 6 metres to dispose of their rubbish.

Some of it will of course end up in our drains and storm water system, which explains why every drainage outlet needs an enormous litter trap, and why the traps need to emptied regularly.

I took this photo on Sunday morning.  The rubbish was still there, but a presumably frustrated person had dragged the bin over to this spot.  I guess they were trying to send a message to the litterbugs.  

I wonder what we will find next weekend?

a) Rubbish in the bin
b) Bin kicked over and dumped in the water
c) Bin set on fire, leaving a blob of molten plastic on the grass


Caspers Mate said...

I don't get it. So you did not think to pick up the rubbish?? You left it there overnight. Not Someone elses problem, seems it is this time!!

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

Yeah, you are absolutely right. If I had my picker-upper stick with me, I would have cleaned it up. I'm not that flexible - bending over to pick things up without it is a chore.