Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lack of common sense

Frankly, I feel like a dill for having to write this letter - but someone had to do it.

17 March 2009

Mr David Young
General Manager, Operations & Sustainability
Sydney Olympic Park Authority
7 Figtree Drive
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Dear Mr Young

Damage to park signage in Bicentennial Park

I refer to signage near the Victoria Road entrance to Bicentennial Park.

A number of structures around the Victoria Road entrance were defaced with graffiti in late 2008.  Whilst the graffiti has long been removed, several signs that were damaged beyond recognition have not been replaced.  The photo above shows one of them.

May I suggest that if the removal of graffiti also removes much of the information on the sign, then the sign should be replaced.  It’s not much use to visitors in its current condition.  A nearby sign was damaged so severely, it was removed – and it hasn’t been replaced yet either.  It might also be an idea to coat the signs so that graffiti can be removed without destroying the sign.

Yours sincerely

It doesn't affect my life if the sign is stuffed - I have been to the park plenty of times, and I know my way around.  However, leaving the signage in this condition will massively inconvenience first time users of the park.  

I can understand someone being told to go and remove the graffiti, and saying "Oops" as they discovered that metho removes graffiti and signage in equal measures.  What I can't comprehend is how someone could then leave it in this condition without doing whatever has to be done to get it fixed.

It also makes me wonder how often management gets out of their offices and actually walks around the park that they are supposed to be managing - this signage has been like this since before Christmas.

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