Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A new kid in town

Today, I have the dubious pleasure of introducing you to a new tagger in our neighbourhood - a spunky little twerp with the tag 'semen'.  I'm not kidding.  'semen' has appeared in at least a dozen locations in Abbotsford and Five Dock over the last week.  I photographed 8 of his efforts today, and have laid them out in Google Maps.  I didn't bother photographing all his tags in the Five Dock shops area.  As you can see, the photos below are stretched out nearly along Great North Road, and they continue off the bottom of the screen into the Five Dock shopping area.  I guess our bright young lad left home one morning with a desire to get something to eat, and then tagged every public edifice along the way.

A post box.

A bus stop.

A real estate sign.

Another bus stop, this one outside a primary school.

Signage on the fence of the same primary school.

A Telstra phone box.

Another post box.

Yet another bus stop.

That gives a sum total of:

  • One real estate sign
  • One phone booth
  • One school sign
  • Two post boxes
  • Three bus stops
The bus stops are the responsibility of Council - they are easy to get fixed, since our Council is on the ball.  The post boxes are probably a write off - Australia Post is fairly useless at responding.  It's easier for me to go down there with a bottle of metho and a rag and clean them myself.

The school sign should be reasonably straight forward - although I have never dealt with this school before, so I don't know how on the ball the Principal is.

The real estate sign may or may not be too hard - some agents care a lot, and others not at all.  After all, the client paid for it, so why should they bother what condition it is in?

These tags have all been here for some days, and although they could be classed as offensive, nothing has been done about removing them - because no one has bothered reporting them.

It still gets right up my nose that buses stop at these three bus stops numerous times every day, yet Sydney Buses feels that it has no obligation as a good corporate citizen to report the damage to the local council.  Pathetic really - even worse given that Sydney Buses is a government authority.

The same goes for the post boxes - a postie empties these once a day, yet clearly Australia Post employs deem it not part of their duties to report graffiti on Australia Post assets.  How sad is that?

Similarly, Telstra have to send someone around every so often to clean the coins out of the phone booth, yet the people doing it never seem to notice the attendant graffiti.

As for the school, teachers drive past that sign each day as they arrive for work, yet none appear to have noticed it.  They clearly care a lot.

Note though that in order to get this lot cleaned up, I have to make the following reports:

  • One report to council for the bus stops
  • One report to Telstra
  • One report to Australia Post
  • One report to the school
  • One report to the real estate agent
And you wonder why it takes so long to get graffiti removed!  Australia Post, the Education Department and Telstra won't let Council clean their property, so instead of getting Council to immediately clean 7 out of these 8 sites in one go, we have to go through the tedium of reporting it to this group and that group and someone else.  Council will deal with it immediately, the school in an unknown timeframe, Australia Post in maybe 3 months and Telstra - who knows, if ever?

It's so easy for little idiots to apply, yet so difficult to legally remove.  Talk about fighting a battle with both hands tied behind your back!

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