Thursday, March 26, 2009


After a long, long, long campaign by a few of us, Basketball NSW have finally acted to have the extensive graffiti on their premises removed.  

It only took six months, and numerous requests and followups - but in the end, we got a result.  Some organisations are more painful to deal with that others, but most come around in the end.  All you need is a truckload of tenacity and the ability to grit your teeth in the face of an obstinate unwillingness by some people to do anything about their image and their work environment.

Given the state this office was in previously, if I had scored a job interview with Basketball NSW, I would have walked away the moment I saw the place.  Similarly, if they wanted me to sponsor their sport, I would have walked rather than enter their premises to negotiate a contract.  A bit of graffiti is tolerable, but they had let the place go to such an extent, it had to be having some impact on their business.  

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