Thursday, March 19, 2009

You can lead a horse to water....

I rang Envy Hair & Beauty, a local Five Dock business today, to ask them if they were ever going to remove the graffiti on the side of their shop.  

Since I took the photo shown in the earlier post, it's gotten much worse.  If not quickly removed, it multiplies like wildfire.

I spoke to the manager, and she was very abrupt - she muttered something about "I just tell the landlord", and she was quite dismissive - almost rude.  I asked if she knew about the Council service where they will pay 50% of the removal cost, and she was again almost rude in her response.  It's as if she just didn't want to know - not her problem.  Somebody else's problem of course - and if she does nothing, it will magically go away.

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