Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RailCorp vs Leichhardt Council

This letter is pretty self-explanatory.  I'm still waiting for a response though - it's been nearly 3 weeks.

27 February 2009
Councillor Jamie Parker
Leichhardt Municipal Council
PO Box 45
Leichhardt NSW 2040

Dear Mr Parker

Removal of graffiti from railway structures in Leichhardt

I have had a series of correspondence with RailCorp since May 2008 regarding the removal of graffiti from a rail bridge at Charles St, Leichhardt (near the corner of Darley St).  

The last response from RailCorp in November suggested that I contact your Council in order to have it removed.  Personally, I doubt that the removal of graffiti from railway bridges is a Council responsibility, but I did phone Leichhardt Council in November to report it.

I would appreciate it if you would approach RailCorp and ask them to clean up the bridge in question, and assist them with any road closures that may be required to repaint or clean the bridge.

Yours sincerely

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