Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fly, be free!

Back in early February, I noticed that the Police were unable to fly the state flag properly outside the Five Dock station because it kept getting tangled in an encroaching tree.

I asked council if they'd trim the tree, since the tree is on public land.

Going past last night, I noticed that the tree had been well cut back, and the flag can now flutter freely in the breeze.

Next step - teach the Police about flag etiquette, and hauling it down after dark.  They can no longer say, "It's stuck in the tree" as an excuse for leaving it up overnight.  I have passed some information about flag etiquette to an associate in Police HQ - we'll see if it works it way down the chain of command to the front line here at Five Dock.  When I see a bare flag pole out the front of the station after dark, I'll know that the message has made it through.

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