Thursday, April 16, 2009

A few things here and there

It's been a typical week, reporting graffiti on a few Energy Australia kiosks and Council assets. What I have noticed of late is that Energy Australia is now a lot quicker at cleaning up their assets than they were when I started.  I'd guess they have cut their turnaround time from 2 months to 2-3 weeks.

That's still too slow, but it's a big improvement.  Personally, I still think they should simply handover responsibility to Council, who would clean it within a week, and then they could stop worrying about it and concentrate on their core business - delivering electricity reliably.

I went past an Energy Australia kiosk yesterday and noticed graffiti on it.  Not 50 yards away, their contractors were digging up the road and laying or replacing cable.  It had to be Energy Australia contractors, because they had a sign up saying, "Improving our electricity supplies in this area".  The street was closed off, they had 5 or 6 trucks and a dozen staff working on the site - and what is the bet that none of them thought they should bother to report graffiti on an asset that they were working right next to?

Last week, I went to the first meeting of the new Police Community Safety Precinct Committee (CSPC) here in Five Dock - and found myself being the only member of the "community".  As far as I am concerned, the meeting went well and we had a good discussion about a number of issues.  The next meeting will be held in 3 months time, possibly at another venue and at a later time to allow more people to attend.  

Everyone who attended (the meeting included our local member, Angela D'Amore MP, two Councillors, several Council staff and a number of Police officers) want to see more members of the public at future meetings.  

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