Monday, April 13, 2009

Grubs in the park

I took one of our kids to the playground in Five Dock Park today, and when I got there, I noticed that there were half a dozen Subway drink cups scattered nearby on the grass, as well as a number of Subway food wrappers.  Not long after, two teenage girls walked past the playground holding Subway drinks and a bag of Subway sandwiches.  They sat down at a park bench about 50 metres away (shown here in box "A").  They had lunch, then stood up and left the food wrappers and food scraps on the picnic table, even though there was a bin nearby at "B".  They just didn't care.

Not long after, they walked over our way holding their drinks, and as they went past this hedge, they casually tossed the empty cups over their shoulders, where they joined the existing half dozen on the ground.  This is presumably typical behaviour for their crowd.  The Subway containers joined several empty beer bottles and Vodka UDL cans in the vicinity.

Not long after that, another young woman walked past the playground as she headed out of the park.  As she went past the playground and the bin here marked "B", she simply tossed the can of Coke she was carrying on the ground.  No effort was made to divert her direction of travel slightly to put the can in the bin - it was almost as if she was making a statement by deliberately and consciously throwing it on the ground.

I took this photo, then put the can in the bin.

So much for youngsters caring for the environment.

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