Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wonders will never cease

This just goes to show that persistence does pay off most of the time.  After 11 months, RailCorp have finally slapped a coat of paint on the outside surfaces of this bridge in Leichhardt.  They didn't bother with the inside, which is not visible from the road, but the graffiti on the inside surfaces is visible from the pedestrian bridge nearby where I took this photo from.

I had given up on RailCorp ever doing anything or replying to my letters, so I wrote to the Member for Balmain yesterday (Verity Firth MP) and asked her to do something about it.  I had to write again today to tell her to forget about it.

The next challenge is getting RailCorp to paint out graffiti as it reappears.  This area here, comprising this rail bridge and an RTA pedestrian bridge, is a graffiti hot spot, and frequent use of the paint brush and grey paint is required to keep on top of the graffiti.  The RTA manages to do it - let's see if RailCorp can lift their standard to that of the RTA.

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