Monday, April 20, 2009

Party pigs in the park

Sunday morning - a beautiful time of the week to stretch the legs and go for a stroll in Five Dock Park.  Beautiful, except for the mess left by the Saturday Night Regulars.  I have no beef with teenagers having a party in the park at night - I did that often enough at that age. 

However, we didn't trash the place, and we generally tidied up after ourselves.  Malicious damage was out of the question.  We didn't set fire to rubbish bins and break wooden seats and tear out plants and spray graffiti over every available surface.

We knew that if we made a mess too often, we'd be busted, and that would be the end of that.  It was much more sensible to remove any evidence of our presence so that we could continue with our nocturnal activities.

Apart from these cartons, they left behind dozens of bottles and cans.  The cartons show up much better in the photos though - they make a better visual statement of the sort of mess that was strewn about.  This was scattered over hundreds of metres of park.

Broken VB stubbie.

That could ruin your whole day.

Smashed Extra Dry bottle.

Smashed Melbourne Bitter stubbie - I don't know how they can drink this stuff.  It's awful.

Two weekends ago, we had some beers and take away fish and chips at dusk in another local park with some friends.  We were there for a few hours, had a reasonable number of drinks and generated a fair amount of rubbish in terms of empty champagne bottles and stubbies and greasy paper bags and foam containers etc that previously held fish and chips.  The kids ran around yelling and screaming and playing hide and seek and making plenty of racket, but not in a way or place that would disturb the nearest neighbours.

When we finished, the whole lot went into the bin.  We left the park as we found it - clean and tidy, and with no visible sign that we were ever there.

That's all these clowns have to do.  Enjoy the park.  Have fun.  Yahoo if you want to.  But respect the park and everyone else that wants to use it, and don't bugger it up for the hell of it. Is that too much to ask?

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