Sunday, April 5, 2009

RailCorp vs RTA - same portfolio, different approaches

RailCorp and the RTA both deal with infrastructure - bridges, culverts, pedestrian footpaths, utility boxes and so forth.  Whilst RailCorp is generally very good at removing graffiti quickly from trains and stations, it is hopeless at removing it from infrastructure.  It is now nearly 11 months since I first asked RailCorp to clean the graffiti on this bridge, with no result.

Just next to this bridge is a strip of RTA land and a pedestrian footbridge that crosses the City West Link.  The RTA bridge cops a lot more graffiti than the RailCorp structure, but the RTA is generally diligent in regard to removing it.  They've even had a crew here recently cleaning up the landscaping - trimming back the undergrowth and collecting the rubbish that the vandals had left behind.

I find it funny sometimes that vandals like to think of themselves as "responsible artists", yet they never seem to take away their rubbish when they have finished trashing a site.  They leave empty pizza boxes and other fast food wrappers behind, along with empty cans and bottles (mixed vodka drinks seem to be their favourite), together with the ubiquitous empty spray cans.  Last time I came through here, I counted half a dozen empty spray cans dumped under the trees.  Now that's really "caring for the environment".  Not.

Here is a patch of wall that the RTA is responsible for.  As a vandal has written "fuck you" on it, this is now classed as offensive graffiti, which means the RTA is obliged to remove it more rapidly than usual.  

The amazing thing is that the RTA and RailCorp are both subordinate to the Ministry of Transport.  You'd think that from a policy standpoint, the Ministry would try and have a consistent policy between the two organisations, particularly when both have infrastructure right next to each other, such as this location.  You might also think that the two authorities might be able to liaise from time to time so that cleaning work at a site like this could be carried out at the same time, ensuring the entire site is free of graffiti from end to end.

If you think that is the case, you are living in fantasy land.  Lack of co-operation and policy co-ordination is alive and well in the NSW public sector.

I spotted this just across the way - "Poo is 4 you!", written on the back of a real estate sign.

Nice - writing that right next to a childcare centre.  Vandals are all class.

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