Monday, April 20, 2009

What is it with Subway?

The favourite establishment of our local teenage litterbugs - Subway.  All photos taken in Five Dock Park over a 5 minute period.






Six (plus a lounge, dragged away from a kerb side cleanup and dumped in the park).



So that's what rubbish bins are for - you spray graffiti on them.

I don't blame Subway - they just happen to be the dominant take-away establishment of choice in this area.  Other parks nearby will have other fast food outlets providing the majority of the litter - some will be wall to wall (or tree to tree) McDonalds, others KFC.  If there are pizza outlets nearby, their cartons will dominate.  

Regardless of what they choose to eat or which park bench they choose to sit on whilst they eat, a small percentage of our local residents have not been brought up very well.  I hope they are caught and brought before a vegan Magistrate and sentenced to eat tofu for a month.

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