Sunday, January 18, 2009

Antique graffiti, celebrating 25 years on a bridge

These photos just go to show that if you don't remove graffiti, it can hang around for a long, long time.  These were taken at the railway bridge over the Parramatta River at Rhodes.  Some of the graffiti on the bridge must be 25 years old at least.  How do I know?  The last one has a date on it - 1984.

Besides, how many youthful vandals today would be fans of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, and how many would stoop to using house paint instead of a spray can?

The Metallica 1984 European Offensive.

RailCorp.  Failing to properly clean its property since 1984.

It makes me wonder whether we'll see this bridge cleaned up before I retire.

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