Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ryde responds

Recently, I blogged about the mess in Tindarra Park in Ryde, and how I had emailed a Councillor about it, and received a response a day or two later.

I got a phone call on Thursday from a Ryde manager who called to say he would have a contractor in the park next week and would get the place cleaned up.  Any signage that can't be cleaned will be replaced.  

See?  It's easy.  One email, problem solved.


SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I hope that you are being paid to do all this stuff... Cause if you aren't I'd probably recommend you get a life =)

thegoons said...

If everyone had to be paid to take some civic pride, then we'd be living in a garbage dump of a society. Tall poppy syndrome at its best.

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Fair call, i guess if your enjoying it i'll just shut up and leave you alone.