Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This would never appear on Top Gear

A stripped Hilux, photographed in Holroyd.  

Even though the car is obviously abandoned (probably stolen), what's the bet the council can't take it away until the rego expires?

What struck me was that at the end of the street, there was a really nice housing development - very posh looking.  I just found it strange that you have this nice looking neighbourhood at one end of the street and this car at the other.  About 20 metres from the Hilux, there was a patch of road where it looked like another car had been torched (the four blobs of melted rubber where the tyres had been, and the scorched bitumen, gave it away).

And right in front of the Hilux, there was this sign about dumping of rubbish.

Somehow, I think the perpetrators really don't care what Parramatta Council thinks about this sort of behaviour.

As it was after 5pm when I went to report this car to Parramatta Council, I tried using their web based reporting system.  It is the worst one that I have used yet.  The website isn't very good either.  

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