Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The right way and the wrong way to fly our flag

Here's how our flag should be flown, whether it is a state flag or the Australian flag.

This is how they fly it at Five Dock police station (and have done so for nearly a year).  It isn't so much flown, as tangled in a tree.  No one seems to have informed the Police that a flag must be taken down at sunset, unless it is floodlit.  I get the feeling they can't take it down, as it is too tangled in the tree.

I finally gave up this morning and contacted Council and asked them to trim the tree (it's on council land).  I hope council has a better grasp of flag etiquette than the Police.

Apart from that, trees elsewhere have been falling down this week. I took this photo on Monday in a park in Auburn - reported it to council this morning.

I took this photo today on the Duck River Cycleway in Auburn - another branch that has blown down over the path.  Must remember to call Auburn council in the morning.  

They had a sign at the end of the cycleway explaining all the activities that are prohibited on the cycleway, but no phone number for council.  If there was one, I would have rung them on the spot.


Update - rang Auburn Council and told them about the fallen tree.  I had a devil of a time finding a phone number on their website - it's almost as if they don't want people to ring them up.  I also had trouble explaining the location of the fallen tree, as the cycleway in this location doesn't run near any roads - it actually runs under the M4 motorway.  I hope council manage to find it!

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