Sunday, January 25, 2009

What will it take to get through to these people?

Over the last few weeks, I have reported 16 kiosks with graffiti to Energy Australia.  To their credit, they have done a good job of quickly tackling them and removing the graffiti (or painting over it).  The time it takes from logging a call with them to action appears to have been substantially reduced over the last six months.  It shows that management might be starting to "get it".

Then again, maybe not.

I went past their depot in Homebush today.  Parked in the back corner was this caravan, which is presumably some sort of mobile site office.

It's covered in graffiti.

I can understand Energy Australia having trouble tackling graffiti on kiosks that are spread all over the state, but this is parked in their depot yard.  It's presumably been vandalised whilst out on site, towed back to the depot and then left in this condition.

What's the bet that if I failed to take this up with Energy Australia on Tuesday, they'd tow it out to another site in this condition without batting an eyelid?

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