Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deliberate and accidental damage

A bus shelter, following an attack by vandals.  Two of the glass panels have been smashed out and left on the footpath.

The thing that really infuriates me about this is not the damage (that's bad enough), but the fact that at least 50 buses stop here every day, and it appears that not one employee of Sydney Buses thought to report this damage back to their depot, so that it could be passed on to Council.  It was left to me to ring Council this morning and report it.

Here's a photo of accidental damage that was emailed to me today.  This is an old sign, dating back to the days of Drummoyne Council, making it at least 10 years old.  Signs of this vintage tend to be painted, so when you try to clean them with metho, everything rubs off - graffiti and information.  

It's one of those instances where I hope the Council anti-graffiti team has gone "oops" and told the Council signage team that they need to replace this sign.  If not, it just goes to show that Council has some way to go until it gets its management "silos" talking to each other.
Update [Wed 14 Jan]

The above sign has been reported to Council by a like-minded citizen, who emailed me the reference number - 30210763.

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thegoons said...

There is no wonder that vandals destroy bus shelters and spray graffiti on walls. Under the current excuse for a government, not one person was jailed for graffiti crimes in the past year. Vandals are able to roam free, knowing that the harshest penalty they are liekly to receive is a youth conference. I think our Premier should go back to collecting bins.