Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ferals spoil Sidney Kitchener Money memorial garden

Just outside Concord West railway station, there is a lovely little park that Rotary has put in to honour Sidney Kitchener Money.  Last night, it was trashed.  Someone had a party there, and failed to pick up their rubbish after the drinking was done.

There are cans and bottles everywhere - at least 3 cartons worth.  

I don't know if this shopping trolley was part of the festivities, but it shouldn't be in that garden, and it shouldn't be smashed up.

I don't know who owns this bit of land - RailCorp, Council or someone else.  I've left a message with a rotary member that I know to see if they can figure it out.  If Council does own it, they really can't do much about it until Tuesday morning.

There is a small brick building in the park with graffiti on it - I didn't look that closely, so I don't know if it is a RailCorp building or not.  However, the building to the left (behind the tree) is definitely part of the station, and the side facing the park also has graffiti on it.  RailCorp should not baulk at removing this graffiti, given it is part of a station.

This was the only bit of broken glass that I saw.

The interesting thing that I noted about the behaviour of these ferals is that not one bottle that they drank from made it into one of the nearby bins.  I could understand it (slightly) if they put their initial half dozen bottles in the bin, and then as they got drunker and drunker, decided against doing it.  But they didn't even do that - from the word go, they dropped their rubbish on the ground.

As I said - ferals.  

And what about the people that live just across the road?  Did they not hear any commotion in the park as booze was swigged and bottles were smashed?  Did they just close their ears to it, and hope that somebody else would take care of it?

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