Friday, January 30, 2009

Mending fences

A few months ago, a driver lost control when approaching the Iron Cove Bridge and ran off the road, taking out a fence separating the footpath from the road.

I got an email from the RTA this morning saying that this is normally a council matter, but that the RTA would take care of it.

I think they have already taken care of it - I went past earlier this week and noticed that the bent fence had been fixed.  I just hope that council hasn't fixed it, and now the RTA will come along and wonder what I was on about.

One question that it raises in my mind is what happens in the aftermath of car crashes.  If a car runs off the road and smashes into a bus shelter and destroys it, when the Police attend, do they bother to inform the council or RTA or whoever is responsible that a bit of infrastructure has been damaged?  Or do they just assume that the council will magically find out about it, and take care of it?

Knowing the way out arms of government communicate (or fail to communicate), it would not surprise me to learn that no one talks to nobody.  Because it's all somebody else's problem.

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