Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keeping the RTA busy

I reported 3 sites to the RTA this morning via their website:

  • traffic light control cabinet in Fred Kelly Place, Five Dock. It was cleaned last week, and needs cleaning again already.
  • Iron Cove Bridge - the steel uprights were painted late last year, and they need doing again
  • Pedestrian bridge over the City West Link - it's a popular spot for tagging, and the RTA have been painting it every few months for the last year. Tagging there seems to be slowing down, so the RTA just needs to keep on hitting it.

I haven't bothered chasing RailCorp over their bridge at the same site - I don't have the energy for that just yet!

My compadre has also reported the mess at Prentice Park to the RSL. I recieved a response from the Willoughby Progress Association last night - they're also going to chase up the RTA and Willoughby Council.

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