Saturday, January 3, 2009

A dozen variations on a theme

These photos were all taken in the last few days, and cover a dozen Energy Australia kiosks from Rhodes, Concord, Five Dock and Lilyfield.  The common theme is that all but the last has been vandalised.  The last one was cleaned up late last year.

I am not going to give exact locations, but the kiosk numbers are 2834, 5667, 4675, 5401, 513, 2479, 2262, 2083, 2612, 2168 and 1937.  I will report them all on Monday.

The sticker on this one is particularly offensive - it says "F&^k all cops and their mums".  

And finally, a success story.  I reported this kiosk last year (along with a lot of others), and most of them now have a new coat of green paint, and they look much better.  

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