Thursday, January 22, 2009

Six more kiosks awaiting paint

Just spent a very tedious 10 minutes or so on the phone to Energy Australia reporting half a dozen kiosks with graffiti - tedious because their computer system was running slowly. How nice it would be if they'd put up a web based reporting system, so I could go online and report these things at any hour of the day or night and not have to go through an annoying phone system with several layers of prompts.

Kiosks reported were:

  • k2051 - REF 500064083
  • 3219 - REF 500064084
  • 2829 - REF 500064085
  • 3599 - REF 500064086
  • K1573 - REF 500064087
  • 4854 - REF 500064088
Energy Australia have been very quick of late in getting vandalised kiosks cleaned up. I hope they keep doing it quickly for the rest of 2009.

It would be even better if Energy Australia allowed councils to clean up vandalised kiosks. That way, if an area was "bombed" with tags, you wouldn't have a disjointed effort in cleaning it up - it would all be done at the same time. As it stands, if say a wall and a kiosk are vandalised, you have to report both bits of vandalism separately, and both will be cleaned at different times - perhaps weeks apart. If the wall was cleaned today by Council, and the kiosk in say two weeks time by Energy Australia, in the time lag in between, vandals might come back and hit the wall - so you have to report it again. By the time Council comes back to clean the wall, the kiosk is hit again. And so on. You may never end up with an area being completely free of graffiti.

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