Friday, January 2, 2009

Graffiti busting in action

I reported a couple of items of graffiti to Council using their web site on 31 Dec, and two days later, the anti-graffiti truck was out and about cleaning them up.  That's quick work, considering yesterday was a public holiday.

Here's the truck at Barnwell Park golf club, which has a number of tags down the western side.

This one was a very quick job in the toilets at Brays Bay Reserve - a bit of offensive graffiti in the toilet cubicles - probably took them about a minute to remove it.

I later spotted the truck parked next to a vandalised Energy Australia kiosk, which these guys aren't allowed to touch.  To me, it makes more sense to allow a dedicated team like this to clean the kiosks quickly, rather than wait for months for Energy Australia to arrange a contractor to do the cleanup.


Improvedliving said...

well i just love looking at these graffitis.


thegoons said...

They can't put brains in statues (refererring to Improvedliving's blog comment).