Friday, January 2, 2009

Vandalising our water supply

Sydney Water have an excellent on line contact management system where you can submit problems like this, including photos (I attached both of these to my query, number 090102-000020).  This pumping station, number 72, is in Concord.

Given that the site is locked, I don't know how Energy Australia are going to get a crew in to clean up this kiosk.  This might be a bit of a challenge - getting one authority to talk to another and arrange access.

Last time I lodged a problem like this with Sydney Water, it went walkabout.  I got a very nice letter back from the Managing Director explaining the problem, and the site was quickly cleaned up.  This time, I am putting a reminder in my diary to follow this up again in 3 weeks time to ensure their system is still not losing things.

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