Friday, January 30, 2009

Small things

When I did a ride with BayBUG in December, we rode over the Gladesville Bridge and then Fig Tree Bridge and up into Lane Cove.  When we got to Fig Tree Bridge, quite a few people had to get off their bike to lift it over a tall step where the path met the bridge.  It was the same at the other end.

Either the path has subsided, or the bridge has grown 5 or 6 inches since it was built.  It's a terrible trip hazard for pedestrians, and I wouldn't want to crash into that step at any speed on a bike.  It's a trap for the unwary.

I logged it with the RTA yesterday, asking them to build up the footpath or to install a ramp at both ends of the bridge.  They might come back and say that it is a local council problem, which could be a problem as Lane Cove Council doesn't seem to think much of anyone who isn't in a car.  

It's small things like this that we often overlook, considering them too petty to take up with the appropriate authority.  But many small things soon add up to create a big problem, so I like to try and ensure that the little things are dealt with.  

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