Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comparing councils

Today I went along the Cooks River, which took me through Cantebury, Tempe, Burwood, Marrickville, Strathfield and some other suburbs.  The difference between most of those suburbs and Canada Bay was marked - like chalk and cheese.  Canada Bay is a shining jewel by comparison with most of them.  The state of our city reflects great credit on its residents and businesses, their elected representatives on Council, and our Council staff.

The above photo is pretty typical of what you'll see along the Cooks River.  There are huge graffiti "pieces" all over the place, and no effort seems to be put into cleaning any of them up - or the thousands of graffiti tags that coat every vertical surface.

We don't see this sort of thing much in Canada Bay.  Putting something like this up is obviously a much more time consuming process than quickly spraying or writing a tag, which means one of several things:

  • Our vandals have no "artistic talent"
  • Our vandals are more worried about getting caught, so they have to throw graffiti up as quickly as possible, or
  • Our businesses, residents and Council are much more aggressive in removing graffiti, making it less worthwhile to put a lot of effort into a big "piece"
I don't know what the answer is.  I'm just glad I live in Canada Bay, where people care about creating a nicer environment to live in.

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