Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Police, action, camera

I was going past Five Dock Primary last weekend when a Police car shot down the road and blocked the intersection in front of me.  Another one blocked the corner at the other end of the school, and two more cars roared around the school and blocked the roads on the other side.  A number of Police officers then ran into the school on foot, whilst others jumped out and held the intersections.  The streets around there are narrow, so I was stuck there until they finished chasing whoever they were after.

By the time I found my camera, they'd apprehended some teenagers - three as far as I could see.  I don't know if the kids were playing on the court, or just walking through the grounds, or just hanging out - but the school has recently been enclosed with a big fence, the gates are now locked, and they're serious about keeping people out during the holidays.  The only way these kids could have made it into the school would have been to scale a tall fence - a fence obviously designed to keep them out.

I have no idea what happened after that - the Police cars were moved, and I was able to continue on my way.

It was good to see how quickly and actively the Police responded.  They were not dawdling - they were absolutely intent on catching someone.  The school has some CCTV cameras, so they might have been called up by the school security people, or it might have been a tip off from a member of the public.

Someone has been up to no good at the school over the holidays, with tags appearing on the signage around the school, plus more at the school entrance (which has been cleaned up, but you can still see the marks where it was).

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