Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who employs these people?

Late last year, I noticed that Drummoyne Public School had graffiti on three of its boundary fences.  I emailed the school and wrote the Principal a letter about it, and never got a response.  In the end, I rang the Education Department and spoke to the project manager responsible for getting stuff like this cleaned up.  

He said he'd get onto it.

He also mentioned that contractors were putting up a new security fence around the school.  Since I go past the school every few days, I'd already noticed that fence going up.

As of yesterday, the fence was about 80% complete, but the graffiti is still there.

Most galling of all, there is a low brick structure up against the fence line.  This also had graffiti on it.  When I rang the Department, I specifically told them that it would be a good idea to remove the graffiti before the fence was built, because it would be devilishly tricky to remove it afterwards.

Guess what?  They've put a mesh screen in front of the brick structure, presumably to deter graffiti - but they didn't remove the graffiti before they put it up!

It's things like this that make me want to scream.  The graffiti is bad enough, but the lack of care shown by the Principal, the Department and the contractors - all adults who should know better and have a bit of common sense - is just astounding.  To think that my tax money paid for this debacle.....

Even more frustrating is the fact that fences like this are being built at great cost to keep vandals and thieves out - but failing to remove the graffiti beforehand diminishes the deterrent effect.  

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