Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Post no vandals

This post office in Concord has had graffiti out the front of it for months.  Australia Post staff walk past it every day on their way to work, and nothing has been done about it.

Same with this post box.  It gets emptied every day, yet the graffiti on it is never cleaned off.

The Australia Post vision states in part:

Our enthusiastic, professional people will build a progressive commercial corporation through a commitment to high levels of customer satisfaction.

As a progressive commercial corporation, Australia Post will make the best use of its assets and earn profits so that it can sustain and develop its business.

Surely a "progressive" corporation would take the view that taking care of its public assets would be a good thing to do - corporate social responsibility and all that.

Then again, I've never met anyone that took the slightest bit of notice of a corporate vision statement.

1 comment:

muli said...

great to see someone is getting of their ass and doing something about that annoying Sydney graffiti