Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vandals decline to turn over a new leaf

I took the kids to Five Dock Park for their first frolic of the year, and on the way, we went past two smashed up bus shelters outside Domremy College.  All the glass in both shelters had been attacked.  It must be pretty tough stuff, because only one chunk of glass fell out of this shelter and onto the path.

Until Council fixes it, these won't be very pleasant places to wait for a bus.  Not what I would call an encouraging start to getting people onto public transport this year.    Trouble is, I can't raise anyone at Council today to get this seen to - at the very least, the broken pane should be removed or covered up to stop someone cutting themselves on it, and the glass on the ground removed.

Update - rang Council this morning (2 Jan).  They said they'd get someone over quick smart to clean up the glass on the ground.


local said...

do you seriously have no life?
of course there are some problems within the park and as a local resident i think the council does a fine job. you really cant expect them to respond imediately to your every little insignificant report of yours when there are definately more pressing issues for them to attend to.
the park gets regularly cleaned of graffiti and the rubbish around is usually picked up within a few days.
if you dont want your kids to 'frolick' in such an environment, dont take them there! its as simple as that. even better why dont you clean everything yourself, you have as much of a responsiblity to do it as the council does and all you seem to be doing is complaining to them and anyone who will listen about the state of the park and the way it is handled.

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

I think you have completely misconstrued what I was saying. The Council does a fine job - but you can't expect them to clean up a mess if they don't know that the mess exists.

The graffiti in the park only gets cleaned on a regular basis because it is reported to Council by users of the park. If you report it to Council, they will remove it within a day or two. If you don't bother to report it, it never gets removed.

Since you are a local resident, presumably near the park, I suggest you keep an eye on the Grandstand on Saturday nights. If you see a bunch of kids drinking and smashing bottles and defacing the buildings, then instead of waiting for Monday for the Council to clean it up, how about you call the Police there and then.