Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do Bunnings sell rubbish bins?

This video shows the back of the Bunnings car park in Auburn.  Sorry about the poor quality, and I failed to shoot the entire stretch - the bit I missed was worse than what I filmed.

An amazing quantity of rubbish has blown up against the fence at the back of the car park, and collected between the fence and a berm.  The earth berm blocks the view of this rubbish tip from the car park, so I guess the Bunnings employees have no idea what lurks out the back here.

Bunnings could also argue that this is not their problem - there are other businesses sharing this car park.  That much is true, but Bunnings are the dominant (or anchor) store here, and they do like to project a caring, sharing image.  They could buff that image by pulling some bin liners and rubbish grabbers off the shelves and sending anyone late for work out the back to do a bit of cleaning up.

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