Thursday, January 29, 2009

What will the new tenant be like?

Fitness First are opening a new fitness centre in Five Dock.  The business that previously occupied this site moved out a few months ago, and whilst it has been empty, the vandals have been plying their trade instead.  A collection of tags on both sides (it's on a corner block) has steadily been building up.  I contacted the real estate agent, Time Realty, and tried to get them to clean them off.  Nothing happened.

I contacted Fitness First today via their website (they have a feedback form).  Let's see if they will clean up the exterior of their building before they open for business.
Apart from that, I also reported a few of the usual graffiti targets to council this morning - vandalised public toilet blocks in two different parks and a vandalised bike storage shed at a railway station.  Business as usual.

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