Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Abandoned car - RZK 830

This is actually a story about two abandoned cars.  The first is sitting on Lilyfield Road with a "for sale" sign on it.  It's been there for quite some time - since no buyers are biting, I suggest it is time this heap was turned into a metal cube about 1 foot square each side.

The rego has only just expired, but from looking at the car, I'd be amazed if anyone bothered to spend the money to get it registered again.  If you ask me, it's a goner.  

Over in Drummoyne, outside 40 Wrights Rd, sits this BMW with no plates.  I don't know if the Police have taken the plates away, or whether the owner has decided to bring an unregistered car into the area and park it here.  I go up and down this street every few weeks, and don't recall seeing it here before, so it is a mystery as to how it suddenly arrived.

The thing that caught my eye was the green registration sticker.  We're into purple stickers at the moment, and last years were brown, so any sticker that is not brown or purple stands out as being well out of registration.

I usually take a photo like this to remind me of the exact location of the car.  The Council doesn't like to be told, "It's in Wrights Road", even though the road is only a few hundred metres long.  They seem to have an aversion to spending one minute driving up the street to find the vehicle in question.  

It won't be long before we are saying "sayonara" to this car.  There are two ways to report this to Canada Bay Council - via the phone, or via their web site.  I have come to favour the phone, as I've found the web form for abandoned cars to be a bit unreliable at times.  

Abandoned cars are something that a lot of people report - I asked the staff in the Council customer centre about this last time I rang.  They were amazed at the number of reports that they get.  So, feel free to report them.  You are not alone.

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