Friday, October 10, 2008

Drummoyne public school - followup III

I finally did something about the graffiti around Drummoyne Public School last week - I wrote to the Principal and asked her to report the graffiti and get it cleaned up (she has to report it to the Police, get a crime event number, make an insurance claim and only then will the Education Department do something about cleaning it off).

I also contacted the RTA and asked them to remove the graffiti from their signage around the school.  I went past today and noticed that they've already done their bit - all the signs are clean.

I am simply at a loss as to how the Principal and teachers could drive past the graffiti on the signage around their school, and the graffiti on school property, and do nothing about it for weeks - even months.  What sort of message do they think they are sending to the kids?  I had a look at the Energy Australia graffiti policy today and it says that they will remove graffiti from their assets within 2 days if it is near a school - how is it that Energy Australia has a better understanding of the impact of graffiti around a school on impressionable young minds than the people supposedly educating those children?

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