Saturday, October 11, 2008

Domremy College

Some people really have a hankering for defacing signs outside schools.  Then again, given that most vandals are school-aged, it is no wonder that the areas around schools are hard hit.  The following photos were taken around Domremy College in Five Dock.

The first photo shows two of the "40km/h" speed limit signs on one corner of the school.  Both show signs of having been vandalised in the past, and badly cleaned (or the paint or ink has simply faded in the sun, rain and wind).  

The sign on the left has been vandalised, as has the bus stop behind it and the entrance to the school on the right hand side.

A close up of one of the "school zone" signs.

Another vandalised sign, with a very poor attempt at cleaning it.

The back of the above sign.

This bus stop has been hit a lot in the past, and it is showing recent signs of damage.  The glass or perspex is streaked from previous cleaning efforts, as is the seat.  

The pillars at the front gate have also been hit with a marker pen.

Interestingly enough, when I went to the website of this school, I found that it lists not only the name of the Principal, but also the Bursar, the key teachers and even the student leaders - a welcome change from the state schools that I have attempted to contact in the past.

I've sent the school an email letting them know about the graffiti on their gate posts, and that I've also contacted the RTA and asked them to clean their signage around the school.  That's 3 schools in the past week - Drummoyne, Mortlake and now Domremy College.


goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

Anonymous said...

Some very rude messages were written, I saw.

Anonymous said...

Egging and spray painting was involved. some very rude messages were written