Sunday, October 12, 2008

Five Dock Park - part III

I did another walk through Five Dock Park this morning, finding even more mess and mayhem. A number of picnic tables have ended up like this one - covered in a scrawl of tags.

The side of the grandstand and the water tank next to it have been liberally coated in graffiti.

The water tank.

The side of the grandstand. This was clean a few weeks ago.

The following photos might explain the source of the graffiti. The area around the grandstand is coated with broken glass from stubbies - Tooheys New, Vodka Kruisers and Wild Turkey pre-mixes. There are also at least 4 empty cardboard cartons bearing the logos of the above, so someone has had a pretty good party in this spot.

The red circles all indicate big chunks of grass. There are also bottles left on the oval near the cricket pitch, and bottles smashed elsewhere throughout the park, with glass left in the grass or on the footpaths.

Wild Turkey pre-mixes, smashed and unsmashed.

A sea of broken glass.

I've used the Council web site for reporting graffiti and logged the graffiti as job ref 88859. I'll have to ring Council on Monday morning and tell them about all the broken glass.

The wire that I am holding in the photo below has been ripped off the side of the grandstand - I think it's part of the PA system for the ground. Simple mindless destruction.

I'm all for having a party - I drank plenty of illicit booze as a teenager in parks like this. But we always cleaned up after ourselves (less chance of getting caught if no one complains) and never wrecked stuff like this.

Monday morning update - all this has been reported to Council. I rang 9911 6555 and let them know. Someone's going to have a fun day (not) cleaning up after these little cretins.

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