Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your crash barrier is my canvas

These concrete barriers have been put up by either the RTA or Council to stop cars from colliding head on at corners like this - impatient drivers put their foot down way too much, and I have seen one end up on the footpath at this spot.  

Given that it's such a dangerous spot for cars, what sort of idiots would run out onto the road and spray graffiti on the barriers?  These were painted a few weeks back, and already tags are reappearing.

I am intrigued though as to why these barriers attract graffiti.  This is an area of high net worth - a house around this spot will cost you a million dollars or more.  There are no schools nearby, there are no skate ramps.  The Bay Run is not an obvious attractant for teenagers with something to prove.  I can understand graffiti appearing near skate ramps, or under freeways (which are great place for teenagers to hang out and be naughty), but on a wide open stretch of the Bay Run, which is really only popular with people over 30 who are walking, running or ricing for fitness?  It just doesn't fit.

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