Sunday, October 19, 2008

Edwards Park, Concord

There are two playgrounds in Edwards Park - one for teenagers (it's called "teenrager") and one for the little kiddies.  They're about 30 metres apart, and both are showing different levels of vandalism and neglect.

Almost every flat surface, horizontal and vertical, at the teenrager playground has been defaced with paint or texta.

Someone has a fondness for drawing cocks.  There are a few around.

The odd beer bottle has been smashed on some of the equipment, and there were a few pizza boxes lying around today, indicating a recent late night feast for some local youngsters.

There are rubbish bins nearby - no more than 50 metres from either playground, but the presence of pizza boxes and KFC wrappers showed the local youngsters have a disinclination to walk their purchases to the bin once they are finished with them.

Consider the KFC box that I found.  The nearest KFC outlet is perhaps 2 kilometres away.  Whoever left the rubbish in the playground had to drive to the KFC store, buy some food, drive to the park, and then walk across around 100 metres of grass before sitting down to dinner.  That takes a reasonable amount of effort.  If someone is that committed to getting a feed of fried chicken, why do they suddenly run out of energy after they have consumed about 10,000 calories of chips, soft drink and chook?  They still have to drag themselves back across 100 metres of grass, and then drive home - would it be too much to ask them to take a slight detour in order to deposit the remains of their dinner in the nearest bin?

I just don't understand how some people's thought processes work.  Assuming they think at all.


Little Berries said...

ban spray paints in australia - it will resolve 90% of the problem. no more graffit

Little Berries said...

ban spray paints in australia will solve all these problems 90%