Saturday, October 11, 2008

Substation 2612

Energy Australia substation 2612 in Five Dock, corner of Park Rd and Second Ave.  Reported today, ref 500058369.

Here is the kicker.  Just after I took the above photos, a series of Energy Australia trucks turned up to do some work about 150 metres down the road.  They all drove past this vandalised substation at least twice.  Here is a flatbed with a power pole on the back.

The flatbed, after doing a U-turn and going past the substation for the 2nd time, heading for the work site (circled in yellow).

Two Energy Australia trucks going past - one is turning the corner.

Another Energy Australia vehicle.

Anyone want to be about the chances that anyone in any of these Energy Australia vehicles spotted the graffiti and decided to report it?

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