Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The never ending hassling of RailCorp

The RTA has been pretty good about doing their part to cleanup this site, which is part of a pedestrian bridge over the City West Link in Lilyfield.  There are some committed and tenacious little vandals in this area - they continue to return to this spot like flies to cow poo.

RailCorp on the other hand won't lift a finger to take care of their end of the bargain - a rail bridge over Charles St.  I wrote to RailCorp about this bridge in May, and received a pleasant if non-committal letter in return.  I chased them again last week - I am not holding my breathe in anticipation of them doing anything.

When vandals ply their trade, they love to hit every vertical surface in an area.  The back of these warning signs have not escaped their attentions.

A rude word - that makes this graffiti offensive, which will speed up its removal.

Spot the cock - another bit of offensiveness that will force the RTA to paint over this in a hurry.

See what I mean by persistence?  This was not applied in one go - this is caused by people coming back day after day, week after week, and building up the graffiti one tag at a time.

I've used the RTA website to report this as offensive.  I'll try and re-visit the site this weekend to see if a new coat of grey paint has been applied.

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