Friday, October 10, 2008

Browbeating real estate agents

I went past what used to be the Richards Stefani real estate agency in Concord.  The reason it was being repainted recently is that it has been rebadged as a Devine real estate agency.  

The RTA signal control box out the front was still a complete mess today, covered in graffiti from top to bottom, so I walked into the agency and asked the receptionist to go to the RTA website and report the vandalised cabinet, and to ask the RTA to clean it up.  From where she sat at the front desk, she looked straight at it through their front window.  It was no more than 15 feet from her face.  I told her it was really detracting from their business - because that's true.  It looks like crap.  I don't know how she could spend her days looking at it without wanting to get up and do something about it.

I'm not sure whether she followed up on my suggestion or not, but it certainly appeared to embarrass the hell out of her.  Or she might have taken me for a nutter, and was too shy to kick me out.  A real estate agent did stick his head out from an office down the back of the building, but as soon as he heard what I was talking about, he shot through like a scalded cat.  

I'll go back in a few weeks and see if anything has changed.  If the real estate agents are too useless and slack to take care of a bit of property outside their front door, I'll do it for them.  

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