Saturday, October 11, 2008

Substation 4122

Here we have Energy Australia substation 4122 - one that I had not spotted until now. It's been tagged on two sides.

And guess where it is located? At Concord West railway station.

Why is that significant?

Because RailCorp (or CityRail) staff would go past this substation every day. It is at one of the entrances to the station. You really would have to be blind to not see the graffiti.

Now here we have two government agencies - one dealing with rail travel and the other with energy. Do you imagine that the two might be able to talk to each other from time to time to exchange information? Both agencies sit on the government's anti-graffiti action team, yet here we appear to have a clear cut case of the two not bothering to exchange information. How hard is it for a CityRail employee to ring Energy Australia on 13 15 35 and report the graffiti on the substation? They don't even have to pay for the call!

Just think - that's your tax dollars at work, working hard to give you value for money.

I'll have to do it on Monday. I'm going to assume that the CityRail staff at Concord West view the substation as somebody else's problem, so I'll have to make it mine.

Monday update - rang Energy Australia and let them know about it. Ref number 500058559.

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