Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cleaning up after crashes

This post documents the aftermath of two crashes (I refuse to use the term "accident", with its connotations of an Act of God where no one is responsible).

The first is on Lilyfield Road.  I don't know what happened here - when I came along, there was no one around; but there was a banged-up car and a lot of debris on the road.  

The thing that irks me about this is the cavalier attitude in regard to leaving broken glass all over the road.  This just happens to be one of Sydney's major cycling routes (the Spring Cycle, which happens on 19 October, goes up this road) and broken glass and bicycle tyres do not go well together.  A blown tyre on a bike can mean losing control and crashing to the ground - which is painful enough in itself.  It could be deadly if the cyclist crashed in front of another vehicle.

I rang the RTA and asked them to sweep this lot up.

The next two photos were taken on Victoria Road at the start of the Iron Cove Bridge.  A P-plater coming down towards the bridge lost control and crashed across the traffic island and plowed into the railings on the far side of the road.  I have circled the bent railings where the car ended up.  

It was lucky no one was injured in this crash, as that bit of footpath is normally thick with pedestrians who are circling the Bay.  

What I am wondering is how long the RTA will leave these mangled items in this condition.  I get the feeling that the RTA knows nothing about it, meaning I will have to report it in the morning.  I think most people work on the assumption that bodies like the RTA find out about crashes by magic, and their failure to clean up afterwards is a failing on their part.

I don't believe in magic - I believe in contacting the RTA and telling them about it directly.  These railings will stay like this so long as everyone continues to treat it as somebody else's problem.

Somehow, the driver lost control coming down here on a dry day.

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