Thursday, October 9, 2008

Energy Australia - reporting 5 substations

I have given up hope that Energy Australia will ever get the hint that the majority of their substations have been vandalised, and that they need to send a crew or two out again to repaint the lot.  Therefore, from now on, I am going to ring Energy Australia whenever I see a vandalised substation and report it.  I reported 5 today over the phone - the whole process took about 5 minutes, and the operator on the other end was very pleasant.  The hardest thing was remembering how to spell the street names.

Substation 2397 - 2a queen st (cnr shipley ave) nth strathfield - job reference number 500058348

Note that the thoughtful vandals have snapped off the nearest street sign and placed it next to the substation in order to make it easier for someone like me to know the exact address to report.  I have also rung the Council to let them know that one of their street signs is missing (well, not missing, for we know exactly where it is - it's just not where it should be).

Is there a correlation between alcohol and graffiti?  Many vandalised sites seem to have booze bottles lying around nearby.  In this case, some vodka alcopops.

Substation 2479 - Ian Parade and Greenlees Ave, concord - ref 500058373.

2833 - 30 bangalla rd, concord west - 5000583470

Substation 2834 - cnr hospital rd and nullawarra ave, concord west - ref 500058371

5835 - nullawarra ave and the drive, concord west - 500058372

I could have reported these to Council, and let them report them to Energy Australia (the operator asked me if I was calling from a Council, since I think she found it a bit unusual for a private citizen to be reporting 5 in one hit).  If I had told Council first, then I would be certain that these would have ended up being reported to the Police as separate graffiti offenses.  I am not sure if Energy Australia will go to the trouble of making Police reports, and thus adding some intelligence to the Police graffiti tracking database.

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