Saturday, October 11, 2008

Five Dock Park - part II

More trouble in Five Dock Park.  This is a drinking fountain that has been badly beaten around the head and gummed up with cigarette butts.  Just the sort of thing you want your kids to be drinking out of when they are thirsty.

I wrote earlier this week that you rarely see any non-McDonalds fast food rubbish around the place.  Well, I was wrong, and I recant.  Five Dock Park is littered with Subway food wrappings from end to end.  Each red circle denotes a bit of rubbish sitting on the grass.

And don't forget Pizza Hut.

Note that all the rubbish in this photo is quite near a rubbish bin.

A tag on a BBQ - this will come off in a few seconds with some metho and a rag.

I suspect that the rubbish on the ground is half human-caused and half ibis-caused.  I have seen these fellows up to their necks in the rubbish bins.  

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