Monday, October 20, 2008

Six wins and one fail

A good day today (although not all this was fixed this week).  I reported this playground a month or two ago - it was quickly cleaned by Council, and has remained in that state ever since.  It shows that vandalism can sometimes be a random or one off event, rather than a steady stream of attacks.  In this case, the park has been cleaned up, and has been graffiti-free since.  It shows that it is worth removing graffiti, because then residents can enjoy (in this instance) a graffiti-free park for months on end.

Five Dock Park - a crew went through today and painted over the graffiti on all the park furniture.  All the benches had a "wet paint" sign like this one on them.

Sydney Water have replaced the corroded vent pipe with a brand new, green pipe.  It blended in so well, I walked straight past it before thinking about going back and looking for it.

Graffiti has been removed from the side of the Early Childhood Centre.

The gate to this playground has been repaired - and I completely forgot about reporting it.  Either someone is reading this blog, or a sharp-eyed Council employee has noticed it and fixed it.

The Council graffiti crew in action again around the grandstand in Five Dock Park.  After the mess that was made the previous weekend, I presume Council management thought that it would be a good idea to have staff back in the park on the first day after the weekend to see if any damage needed attending to.  Now that's the forward thinking, proactive stuff that Australia Post should be thinking about.

The one fail was on Crane St, near Concord High School.  On the weekend, the concrete barriers dividing Crane St were repainted and clean.  Today, they had already been hit with a few tags.  Council are just going to have to paint and paint and paint those barriers until the little sods give up and find something better to do - like train surfing.

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