Saturday, October 25, 2008

Taking care of the pensioners

This rather well used bus stop is outside Concord Hospital.  Whenever I go past it, the only people waiting for a bus appear to be those too old to drive - pensioners.  And this is how we treat them - a filthy, vandalised bus shelter that I wouldn't use to house a dog.  

Would you want to wait here for a bus on a dark night?  I wouldn't.

I've reported this to Canada Bay Council, but I realised today that there are two bus stops at the hospital, and the other one is pristine.  I hope they get the right one.

My beef here as usual is with Sydney Buses.  They'll state that bus stops are not their problem - they belong to councils.  However, I didn't realise that until I started trying to get them cleaned up, and I've been catching buses on and off for years.  As far as I am concerned, if I am waiting at a bus stop to be collected by a bus, then that bus stop is the responsibility of the bus company.  It might not be in a legal sense, but if the bus company had an ounce of common sense, they'd realise that crap looking bus shelters give them a crap looking image.  All Sydney Buses has to do is what I have done - ring up the responsible council and let them know.  Given that dozens of buses, driven by dozens of drivers, pull up at this stop every day of the week, you'd think that one of them would have the gumption to get the ball rolling.

This next photo is of a spacker that I spotted walking barefoot down the middle of the road outside Concord Hospital.  The guy was clearly of his nut, and it was only a bit after 9am.  

As for his dress sense, with the baggy trousers, bandana and enormous pirate-like ear ring, let me just say that watching "The fast and the furious" too many times can do terrible things to a person's mind.

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Seriously dude get over yourself